Things to Know About Temporary Protected Status 

Are you an immigrant in the United States? Is your immigration status only temporary and not permanent? If so, you might be qualified for TPS (Temporary Protected Status).  

For those who don’t know, you can still legally work and live in the United States if you have a Temporary Protected Status. This is particularly true if your home country is a designated TPS country.  

However, there are a couple of things you should know first before you proceed with TPS Venezuela. Here are some of them: 

What is TPS? 

TPS is the acronym for Temporary Protected Status. This is a status that enables an immigrant to legally work and live in the United States. Usually, TPS is valid for at least 1 year and 6 months. It also enables a person to apply for a social security and work permit.  

As long as your country is a designated TPS country, you can renew your TPS as many times as you want.  

Requirements for Applying for TPS 

If you want to apply for TPS, there are a couple of things you will require. First, you will need proof that you’re from the TPS country. Second, you will need proof that you’re living in the United States before the USCIS designated your country as a TPS country. Lastly, you will need proof that you’re constantly living in the United States since then. 

Proof of Your Nationality 

For proof of your nationality, you can provide your national identity document from your country with your fingerprint and/or photo. You can also provide a birth certificate with a photo ID or your passport.  

Proof that You’re living in The US when the USCIS Designated Your Country as a TPS Country 

You can provide your I-94 Departure/Arrival record, entry stamp from your passport, or other documents that prove your entry to the United States on or before the USCIS designated your country as a TPS country.  

Proof That You’re Living in the United States to the Present 

  • Attestations by unions, churches, or other organizations that can identify you by name and know your residence.  
  • Medical or hospital records for treatments that you or your kids obtained. It should show the name of the physician or the medical facility. It should also show the dates of hospitalization or treatment.  
  • School records from schools you or your kids attended in the United States. This can include letters, report cards, and more. It should show the name of the school and dates of attendance.  
  • Receipts from your bills. This can include your utility bills such as phone, electricity, gas, and more. You can also use your rent receipts.  
  • Employment records. This includes letters from your employer, state verification of filing taxes, IRS tax transcripts, W-2 Forms, and more. 

When Are You Ineligible for TPS? 

The USCIS will not accept your TPS application if: 

  • You have been convicted of two or more misdemeanors or any type of felony in the United States.  
  • You haven’t been living in the United States constantly. 
  • You have returned to your home country voluntarily for a long period.  

6 Reasons Why You Should Try the Wonders of Kratom 

Have you ever experienced feeling tired even though you just woke up? Have you found yourself always feeling like you don’t have enough energy to keep the day going? Or have you struggled to find focus in the times when it is mostly needed? Fret not because kratom might be the perfect solution for your problems. 

Mitraygyna speciosa, the scientific term for kratom, is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. It is sometimes called biak, kakuam, ketum, thom and ithang. Kratom is widely used for the massive benefits it offers. Some of the popular brands include Red Vein Sumatra, Pontianak Green Horn and White Vein Maeng Da. Here are the powerful benefits of this East Asian Wonder. 

  1. Higher Motivation Levels 

If you have frequently felt tired and lazy to move, giving kratom a chance will give you an adrenaline rush caused by the activation of the opioid receptors in your brain. The activation of your sympathetic nerves will also make you feel motivated to get things done. It also triggers production of serotonin and dopamine which are known for enhancing motivation. Bonus point: these hormones are also responsible for lifting up your mood thus making you happy. 

  1. Longer sleep 

Kratom helps you sleep faster which will make you function better in the daytime. It is beneficial for people with sleeping problems like night-terrors and insomnia. 

  1. Pain relief 

The alkaloids in Kratom activate the receptors in the brain that releases enkephalins and endorphins which relieves pain. It numbs body pain receptors the same way as morphine but without the risk of being addictive. The white vein maenga da is one of the strains that have a proven pain relieving effect that consumers like. 

  1. Better Focus 

If you are a student or a worker who struggles in creating an input for work or for school deadlines, taking kratom will unleash your productivity and will amped up your focus.  The 7-hydroxy mitragynine, alkaloids and mitragynine acts on Opiate receptors in the brain and the periphery, which makes you work harder for longer. The production of acetylcholine also calms down your mind, making it easier to focus. 

  1. Lower Chances of Stress, Anxiety and Depression 

Kratom soothes nerves and calms down people who are prone to being stressed, anxious or depressed. It releases endorphins and serotonin with mood enhancement and calming effects that eases tension especially for those with social anxiety. This is the reason why kratom is commonly used during social gatherings in villages in South East Asia.  

It also alleviates symptoms of stress and anxiety like muscle cramps, heart palpitations, insomnia, hyperventilation, and sweating. This makes it ideal for people suffering from mood swings, chronic stress, anxiety and depression, PTSD, panic attacks, and those with stressful jobs.  

  1. Weight Loss 

If you struggled from food addiction and experienced binge eating episodes, kratom is good for you because it regulates the pleasure center in the hypothalamus of your brain. So if you are looking for a weight loss solution, you should definitely try kratom and expect best results. 

When you finally decided to give kratom a try, always look for the kratom strains that will best suit your preferences. If you want the most cost effective strain, try white vein maeng da that offers a variety of great benefits.  

For more information, visit Enjoy the benefits of Kratom now! 


How to Utilize Positive Reinforcement with Dogs

Classical conditioning is a form of giving your dog positive reinforcements like treats and food may be an effective dog training strategy, especially for puppy training, but it isn’t as easy as just complimenting whatever your dog performs.  

There are a lot of crucial dos and Don’ts to observe if you like to get the full benefits out of positive reinforcement dog training.  

Let us begin with the don’ts first.   

Don’t put an end to always correcting your dog.  

Nope, you should not stop correcting your dog. It is crucial to do the opposite. A common misconception that occurs as a result of positive reinforcement seems to be that dog owners begin to believe that they are unable to say no to their pets. No, it is not really true in the least. If your dog is behaving in an improper manner, you may and should rectify the problem behavior. Instead, you ought to endeavor to maintain “correction time” segregated from “positive reinforcement time,” as described above. Just like if you are raising kids, you must strike a balance between work and family obligations.  

Do not make things difficult.  

Here is an example scenario: Don’t instruct your dog to “retrieve the ball” if you are playing fetch with them. To say “fetch the ball would be too complicated for him since it contains several linguistic units that they may need to associate meanings with.” Instead, just say “fetch.” It’s important to be simple and concise in your commands.  

Inconsistency should not be displayed.  

You can’t praise your pet for keeping off the sofa but then just allow her to approach you for love afterward. Acting in this manner will only baffle them as to what you desire. It’s also critical that everyone else in your home observes the same rules, otherwise your dog will exhaust themselves attempting to discover how to interact with each individual.  

Do these things instead:  

Weaning Treats  

While it’s perfectly fine to use treats initially to encourage the desired behavior, you should gradually wean your dog off treats while continuing to praise and give affection to your pets. To satisfy you, your dog will soon forget well about rewards. You will be the reward now.  

Train your dog to link a sound, such as “Tsch!” or a clicker, with food. When you take away the reward, the dog still responds.  

Reward Desired Behavior Immediately  

You must be quick to respond to a dog’s needs. This must be utilized every time your dog performs something you want them to do.  

When housebreaking a dog, reward him any time he goes outdoors. Instruction? Pet him when he obeys you.  

Make it short and concise  

The idea is to teach your dog that obedience brings rewards. So, continue training brief, pleasant, and encouraging, preferably finishing on a high note.  

We hope we helped you in some ways when it comes to making your dog listen to you. If you think there are still many things that must do to do, then comment below! 


Tips to Maintain Driveway 

Your driveway is one of the first things people notice on your property. Driveways must be maintained to preserve the look of your curb. If you’re having problems with your driveway, call a reputable?driveway paving Meriden?company to help you out.?? 

However, there are things that you can do to avoid expensive?driveway?repairs altogether. Any repair done in your home is going to cost a lot, which is why you have to do everything that you can to maintain it. Some of the precautions that you need to are listed below. Indeed, it’s not easy to keep driveways in their conditions because they’re always subjected to weight and all the outdoor elements. But with the tips below, things are going to be a lot easier for you.? ? 

How to Prevent Driveway Cracks? 

When your driveway cracks, there will no other recourse but to have it repaired. So, you should prevent that from happening altogether. If your driveway cracks, it will wear out faster than expected. So, when you see one, get your tools and materials ready to seal it.?? 

There are sealants for concrete or asphalt driveways available in do-it-yourself stores, and you just have to use them as directed. By applying sealants, you’re preventing ice and water from seeping into the concrete, thus keeping your driveway safe for the time being.? ? 

How to Address Driveway Cracks?? 

While you keep on sealing driveway cracks, there will come a time that the crack can no longer be treated by the sealants you bought from the store. This is where the help of the professionals is going to be essential. Of course, you may still try to fix the problem yourself.?? 

Instead of using sealants, try crack fillers. But before you apply it, be sure that you remove all loose debris on the crack. Apply the filler and wait for it to set. If the crack isn’t too extensive, then your driveway will look good as new in no time.? 

How to Care for your Driveway?? 

Depending on the type of driveway you have, there are some tips and tricks that you have to follow to keep them in good working condition as long as possible. If you do these things, the onset of cracks will be prevented altogether.?? 

1. Don’t park your car near the edges.? 

Regardless of whether you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, its edges are its most sensitive parts. Since your car is heavy, its weight will bear down on the edges of the driveway. If you leave your car parked there for quite some time, then the edges will crack and break. To avoid them, never park too close to the edges, and inform your guest about it, too.? ? 

2. Clean oil stains as soon as possible.?? 

A lot of people fix their cars in the driveway instead of the garage. When you pour oil into your car, some of it will end up in your driveway. You must clean up oil stains on the driveway as soon as possible because they can penetrate the concrete and soften it. Do the same thing for all other fluids that stain your driveway.? 


Benefits of Functional Kitchen Cabinets 

Actually, it does not matter how wonderful your kitchen is. Whether your cabinets are totally beautiful and you have high quality appliances. If your kichen does not have a layout that is functional for your lifestyle, therefore, the aesthetics and beauty really do not matter. 

Having a beautifully designed kitchen is very important. It allows you to accomplish tasks quickly, safely and efficiently. And because the kitchen is basically the most used area in your house, it is very essential that the layout be functional. As a matter of fact, if the kitchen is functional, it’ll become your favorite area for you, your guests and your family. 

Designing a Kitchen 

An expert and professional kitchen design may include functionality and aesthetics. You must be able to carry out different cooking works with total ease. A simple example of it is the work triangle. The efficient layout provides the most essential appliances within few steps from one another such as the sink, refrigerator as well as the stove. 

For a bigger and busier kitchen, work stations are definitely the better layout. There is a station for each kind of kitchen project including canning, cooking, prep work and baking. 

Your kitchen cabinets are a very important aspect in a functional design as well. Kitchen cabinets manage the room appropriately. In addition to that, kitchen cabinet layouts include wall mounted and free-standing kitchen cabinets. Both kinds of cabinets work wonderfully if they are planned accordingly. Each kind of kitchen cabinet is totally different therefore, it is very vital to be thorough when selecting a kitchen cabinet. It is often best to consult with a professional in cabinetry and design in order to plan the best solutions for your own kitchen. 

The following are some of the few ideas to get things started in planning to have a kitchen cabinet design: 

Make the Most of Every Little Space 

Even if you’ve a small kitchen in your home, the proper kitchen cabinet layout can use up the space to the extent of its full potential. For example, you can enhance countertop height so that it will give you an extra storage underneath. How cabinet doors open may also provide you with exceptional accessibility even in tight corners. 

Expanding a Kitchen Space 

If the space allows, enhance your storage by increasing them to the ceiling or adding cabinetry to connecting alcoves. You may also make the kitchen appear bigger by using light colors. Therefore, choose light colors for your kitchen cabinets, walls, tiles and countertops as well. You can also ask help from a professional kitchen designer

Custom-Built Kitchen Storage 

Kitchen cabinets can be used in an island. Also, shelves can be placed so that your wine collections are properly displayed, common kitchen tools are nearby such as your blender, waffle, iron or toaster, and cookbooks are easily accessible. More often than not, a big island could also include cubby hole for your kids to play. The entrance to their playhouse would be placed at the opposite corner of your cooking area.